Emma Bezy, Department Director at Bastyr University of a fascinating and depth-building program which was available for only a few glorious years. She is listed as: Chair, Dept. of Spirituality, Health & Medicine.

If she were alive today, I would tell Emma that she is one of several women I have either studied under or worked beneath in various places in the nation's "health care system." [She would understand why I used the quotations around "health care system" because the University was founded precisely because of the lack of constitutional protection of Freedom of Choice in Health Care.]

We students were impacted deeply when we heard of the Department's demise. It was suddenly no longer in the catalogue of offerings at the University. I spoke with her about that turn of events. In fact, it took a few years before she finally talked with me and confided in me that I had detected the underlying disturbance in life energy at the University that led to the "killing" of the Department.

I attribute my accuracy in diagnosing the spiritual illness behind the death of Emma's beloved SHM Department to my skill at Reverse Speech Enhanced Intuition. See ReverseSpeech.com.

To learn more about this remarkable soul, and detect her influence on my life after I graduated from Bastyr University in that Certificate program, read the pages that I will transfer into this site soon.

I didn't tell you above, but I have Tweeted some about this in the last two days. I likely won't mention that in my clinical site or this site, because it is intimate between we students, the faculty and the Board of Directors to deal with the deadly actions of some people who don't like other religions.

As for me to re-write this page, I plan to do that by Monday prior to the Vote 2016.  I need to was for the "dust to settle" after the six (6) cyber Trojan Horse attacks on me. My security screening company has detected three attacks by the Russians and three by Chinese hackers. I am glad to know that the site is now squeaky clean. However, the hackers managed to burrow like insects deep into a private page I had created honoring my father and mother. They are gone now, my site protectors are my current cyber heroes. I say that this company's team "Detected, Rejected and EJECTED the work of the Russian and Chinese hackers."

My report to you who read this is that Emma was a loving, almost child-like in trusting, individual with a strong and resilient soul. I felt that she was naive and that she couldn't see the effects of the mis-alignments between people in different roles in the University. It is not a quote but she said that it was religious tensions that ripped apart the fabric of whad had been a glorious and life-changing sustaining endeavor.

Emma knew that she had birthed it as a child, a living organization of energies from the hearts of faculty, students and others around the nation who heard of this unique inbreaking of spirituality into the educational realm.

She changed my life and that is why you see her face and my story about her in this Site Dedicaation.

Since I have graduated from Bastyr University I have become ordained as the anchor what the congregation I have gradually touched in past years. I am what I call an Interfaith Minister who does not attack the faith experience of others.

Note to Self: paste pictures below this. Then go to sleep. then wake up and eventually tomorrow finish rewriting the paragraphs that I have. This is my prayerful remembrance time for Emma and what she means in my life.

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Simply, I have started an organization because of her influence, titled Routefinders for Friends, with the express tone of not being a hater of any other religion or worldview. Neither do I attempt to 
. Perhaps in the light of intelligent debate currently going on among the political parties in our great nation, Bastyr University may be able to draw upon the wisdom of the populace and re-start the Dept of Spirituality, Health & Medicine.

I know that I myself am what I call a-political. If you look at my professional web site you will see that I had to delete pages and content and "comb through" every word on my site in the hopes that the angry people would not target me and harm me or my practice simply because I am in one of the most important Leading Edge (an aeronautical term) professions on the planet, Naturopathic Medicine. Additionally I am a board certified Education provider as NCCAOM master in Acupuncture preparing CE credit education in acupuncture.

See my clinical site for text and photographs and resources about these passions that she knew I had: Routefinders For Friends. I hope to embed the video she helped arrange for each of us in the program for was titled our Certificate in Spirituality, Health & Medicine. Look online for our graduates of this intense nine-month fruitful experience. In First Nation terms we experienced the passage of "Nine Moons" and we looked and acted differently by the time the graduation happened. We have photos. We have that class final presentation video.  

My video was not titled. I trust that I will find the right title when I find and embed it below her picture. The first section of the video was filmed by the videographer. [Of interest to Star Trek fans I did a "Kobuyashi Maru scenario"https://g.co/kgs/QBCohs ]. I had previously outside of hearing of anyone requested that he not let anyone know what I had asked him to do. He complied. The audience was my classmates most of whom had already preseted.  The room was configured in a U shape with a table and stool at the end of the long room. He simply begin filming when Emma nodded to me. I slowly and quietly proceeded to walk up to the podium then sat on the performer's stool.

I then simply looked into the eyes of each of the 25 or so members without speaking and importantly avoiding any facial muscle or eye movements that would indicate my wish to control or thank them for the wonderful and tear-inspiring talks that had been shared a short while ago. I sat for over four minutes gazing at them, occasionally out the window at the sky. In what became an uneasy silence we could hear the wind on the windows outside the classroom, and see birds and sunlight, and puffy small clouds moving smartly across an azure sky above the dark pine forest that surrounded the building (which had originally been  Catholic monastery). Then I moved to a different place perhaps (this was in the year 2000) at least I made clear by the next sound they heard me speaking without comment. I began to recite from memory President Abraham Lincoln's "Gettysburg Address." Then I sat down.

At least I think that I didn't get mushy and I wanted the foreign students to see and hear the actions of me as one who holds a reverence for our President Lincoln.

I don't recall the final words that I said. The notes have been destroyed. My sense today is that I didn't add a lot of details. The next student was ready for her presentation to be videoed and the videographer smiled and indicated that my tape was secure and ejected and handed it to me. At least I think that he gave it directly to me.

So... somewhere in one of the boxes which I have safely protected over the years is a VHS tape of that class project of SHM 2000. If it was lost in  what I call the "Lifechanging Flood of 2007" it is gone forever. [That flood was actually the flood of water into a storage locker with much of my life's possessions in it, from a leak below a drinking fountain in the store above my locker, as well as water leakage from a known crack in the overhead water pipe owned by the storage locker company. In psychotherapy sharing I will close that picture with telling you that there were threats of lawsuits about many people who lost valuable art and furniture from the flood in the outer wall of what we thought was a Safe Fortress. If you asked me, "Why didn't the staff stop the leak, and what did they do?"

In post-presenation review of our deliveries, I said that the first four minutes were not simple silence, in fact it was my acting as musician of the soul and playing music of John Cage. It was his performance of 

Look below this line and see photos of what President Lincoln's life has brought into my life:

whom I'd like to nominate to be an unofficial member of what I call "Big Sister to Ones-Who-Look-Up" --