Routefinders for Friends, and also "doing business as" [DBA] Natural Connections Healthcare

[Being edited, v. 11-01-2018:] I really enjoyed the children and caregivers who visited our home on Halloween night. Each had a different costume and story to begin to tell. Direct contact in a chaperoned environment was wonderfully educational for them, I could see them learning from each other as they visited the yard with action-figure decorations and we made up our roles for both Trick and Treat. [See my Twitter accounts.] Let's see what will work for you as adults. [You could start with: https://www.routefinders.org/PsychotherapyOptions.en.html ]

My main clinical site is Routefinders.org [link].  I've traveled a lot in recent years. My appointments have often been through word-of-mouth. I am updating this contact information. I want to hear your story and I know that it will also take some time to set up. For In-person consultations please know that they are by Appointment Only. In many situations telephone or other way might give you some very useful experience. [See the HIPAA information below.]

I have made the process of seeing me a little bit like a puzzle to solve, or maybe like a slow hike or journey up a "mountain" inside your mind. You can do it. [I write more in my listing in the Psychology Today therapist directory, which I plan to reactivate in the near future.]

Let's begin with the contact form below but do this only after you do the "homework" below.*] My intent is to check the inbox at least twice a week whether I am in Washington DC or traveling. [Read more about the developing pros and cons of Telehealth or Tele-Counseling as additions to psychotherapy models and recommendations for gentle movement exercise, acupressure and looking at how your ears are shaped.]

I am a board-certified Acupuncture Theory educator, so I will help you begin your studies in what might work for you. [This self-acupressure is introduced in the page I wrote titled, Acumeridian Science. That page was "lost" due to changes in the computer core-level code during cyber-attacks on my earlier internet site, three were likely from China and three likely from Russia. I am rebuilding from my original files.]

*We can start with your taking time to think/mentalize about how you might choose to tell me your story. Next write a two page document describing what you want to do and then set it aside so that you could bring it if we choose to do work together. Remember to Exhale and feel relaxation beginning, breathe in and exhale a long out-breath. Continue that and modify that for the rest of the day so that you forget about breathing in or exhaling out. Next: Wait 24 hours or more. Then read it again and then compose/write a condensed version in the contact form below. (Free writing, verse, poetry all are okay.) We could use that experience as a starting point if you choose that option.

I want you to know more about me so I wrote a lot of illustrated essays on my other main site. Click here>> About Me -- to find helpful pages on my non-profit organization starter site.

For your security reasons I ask you to read the stndard "HIPAA language" at this site: https://www.hhs.gov/hipaa/for-professionals/special-topics/public-health/index.html

"...A Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Covered Entity is permitted to disclose protected health information (PHI) without individual authorization to a “public health authority” that is authorized by law to collect or receive such information for the purpose of preventing or controlling disease, ..."

You can click on the following text to view a version of HIPAA information that can be scrolled downward: https://www.hhs.gov/sites/default/files/hippa-disclosure-chcklist102314.pdf

Email for our Nurse friend: Staff@Routefinders.org . She makes sure that I take time and read and think about all emails as well as information in the form below.

Fax: (301) 495-2846

The methods we can use are described on my other site. We will talk soon after you do the preparation process above. I have a license in Hawai'i which I might renew, although a visit there for a few weeks on a Wellness Therapy Adventure would be a lot of fun with the people I have been meeting in my local travels.